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We all know fighting is wrong.
And yet we keep declaring war on each other.
But why do we behave in such a way despite knowing better?

In finding the answer to this question, instead of exploring why wars start, let's think about ourselves.
Please look into your heart.
If you work at a company, do you argue with your coworkers, subordinates, and/or supervisors? At home, do you argue with any of your family members? If you work at home as a homemaker, do you ever argue with your spouse and/or in-laws?
We may go about our daily lives happily on the surface, but are our hearts truly happy?
Can you honestly say you lead a happy life with your heart fulfilled everyday?
I realized that the causes of wars lie not outside but inside us. Most of us are unaware of this fact; therefore, when searching for such causes, instead of searching inside, we tend to search outside ourselves, led by the wrong belief that everything will work to our advantage once we change the circumstances that surround us. Just as expressed in the saying "It's hard to see under your nose," the condition of our hearts can easily go by unexamined. If problems afflicting us lie in our physical body, we can visit a hospital and have a doctor fix them for us. However, mistakes and imbalances of the heart are different. They can only be identified and fixed by ourselves. Nevertheless, we all tend to consider ourselves as always being right and others as always wrong—that is the condition of our hearts.
The corporate philosophy of UTA Book is to help all people lead their lives in true happiness by realizing the following simple truth: Causes of wars lie inside ourselves, and if we want to change our circumstances, we can only do so by looking into their own hearts—or achieving the turn of consciousness—instead of by trying to change others. UTA Book continues its operations with the aim of sharing this simple truth with as many people as possible.