UTA Seminar - 5th Session

Written by: Tomekichi Taike

The past three days while at the 5th UTA Seminar conducted by Tomekichi Taike left people with a feeling of joy and appreciation. In order to help everyone understand the teachings and following is a summary that may be used as a tool toward your own studies.

First, you should do a reflection of your mother.

1, Reflect on what your mother has done for you in the past.
2, Reflect on what your mother hasn’t done for you. 
3, Reflect on what you have done for your mother. 

These are three important topics that you should keep in a notebook and write as much as you can concerning the above three topics, as well as, writing on how you felt toward your mother during those times. 

Now that you have completed a good amount of time by reflection on your mother then you should meditate on the time when you were an infant.  Start by trying to remember the time when you were just an infant. When your mothers held and fed you and then remember how she carried you for 40 weeks.  Practice this meditation on a continuous basis.  Practice this mediation for as long as it may take; even if it may take you months, even years, until you can believe in your mother’s warmth.  The warmth is you.  Please embrace your darkness with the warmth.  The warmth is love.  The warmth is power.  When you embrace more and more of the darkness within you, the warmth in your heart will also expand.  You’ll begin to know yourself while you are continuously growing and growing in your own heart. 

The final step of this teaching is meditation.  The final step of this meditation is to turn your heart toward Tomekichi Taike / Albert.  As you become able to turn your heart toward Tomekichi Taike/Albert, you will begin to understand the truth.  You should become able to understand what is written in “The Flow of Consciousness” and “The Man, Tomekichi Taike” with such depth that you will even surprise yourself.

Let me say,
“I will also be waiting for you now and after I have moved onto the next dimension.”

*Perspective from a physical identity to believing in your consciousness, confirming the condition of your own heart and consciousness relies on yourself to change yourself, and moving toward the next dimension.

Joy is power; therefore learn to feel joy from your heart.  This is Tomekichi Taike/Albert’s world to move you towards health, peace, and happiness.  Please calm your anger.  Anger is the road that leads you to illness, destruction, and unhappiness.

You should turn your heart towards Tomekichi Taike/Albert.  When you turn your heart in the wrong direction then you will find that everything will become dark.  You will notice this for yourself through your meditation.  The last step is meditation and the final phase in your meditation is to have Tomekichi Taike/Albert in your heart.  When you are able to put Tomekichi Taike/Albert in your heart correctly then you will be full of warmth and joy.  Meditation is not meant to be used for personal gain and it is not a religious practice.  Continue to meditate while enjoying doing so.

Ask yourself these questions concerning your meditation:

1. First are you progressing on your reflection and meditation?

2. Do you understand the meaning of reincarnation?

3. How well do you understand Tomekichi Taike’s physical existence and consciousness, as well as differences between them?

4. Do you understand why Tomekichi Taike was born to have a physical body as Japanese and from the region of Osaka?

5. How much of what Tomekichi Taike has been saying do you really believe in?

6. Are you receiving messages from Tomekichi Taike?

7. Are you communicating with Tomekichi Taike? Asking who he is after his death?

8. Are you continuing to communicate with Tomekichi Taike after you die, or do you get immobilized after your death?

9. Are you communicating with Albert, who is Tomekichi Taike’s future?

10. What kind of meeting do you have with Albert in your future incarnation?

11. Have you been able to move into the next dimension?


In the beginning, there was love.
Our consciousness is love, space/universe is love, and mother is love.
I am love, you are love, and we are all one.
Life, as well as death, exists within love.
We, mankind, come from love, and will return to love.
Space/universe without love is darkness, and life without love is darkness.
Turning your perspective from a physical identity to believing in your consciousness, confirming the condition of your own heart and consciousness, relying on yourself to change yourself, and moving toward the next dimension are all part of your path to return to love.
Humankind, let’s realize our love and return to our origin.

This session of the UTA Seminar left me with the fullness of knowing that some of the people finally became aware that they were arrogant and superior in their behavior to others in their hearts.  The December 2010 seminar left people with the knowledge that they did not understand anything in concerns of the teachings of Tomekichi Taike’s ways.  That now they will start all over from the beginning.  How about you?  What understandings do you have in concerns to this matter?  People who feel that they are greater with a feeling of superiority towards their fellow human beings will never be able to turn their heart towards Tomekichi Taike/Albert. 
Those who believe that they are always right, wonderful human beings, life will be in a rage, wanting to fight, destroy and end up suffering until the end.  They will meet with a death that will be indescribably severe.  These people will never know true joy, warmth and happiness.  These things are beyond their dreams.

There are people in the past that turned their hearts towards things like god(s), and/or such things as Buddha, psychics, or powers of the universe forgetting their true studies.
I urge you to return to your true studies and follow the correct steps.  Take heed that you do this before the 6th UTA Seminar being responsible for your own actions.  Then take this advice to heart.  I will never pursue after one who leaves, nor will refuse one who comes.  Keep in mind, please, that greed or intentions to gain something from this study will not put favor with me, or the study of Tomekichi Taike/Albert.

I will from now and into the future continue to follow a straight path toward dimensional migration.  I am waiting for people who are able to express their commitment to continue forward with me.  I wait eagerly to see people who raise their hand to sow that they are ready to move forward.  I wait eagerly for even one more person to join me.

Physical Self vs. Your Heart

When you ask yourself the question on how to balance your physical self and the heart then it should be understood that this is not possible.  When you are referring to your physical body and the physical heart, then you might think of the idea of creating a balance.  This is in reference to the physical identity or the physical self.  We think of our heart when we are thinking of our physical selves as our real selves.  The heart that I am referring to is when we think of our true selves as our consciousnessesThen it is not possible to find balance between your belief in your physical self and the heart that I am referring to which is based on the belief that you are your consciousness.  The reason being is that they are complete opposites.

From the beginning we have our consciousness.  Everything begins from this point that is our base, our true form, which is our true self.  Then recognize that there is no such thing as a balance between your physical self and your consciousness, or balancing your physical self and your heart.  When you find that you are thinking this then please take time to look a bit closer at yourself and this thought. This is where you need to look more intensely into your feelings of centering yourself on your physical self.

The study for this life time is to learn to feel in your heart the difference between the “heart” that you speak of, and the “heart” that I am telling you about.  It is difficult to work on looking at your heart based on the consciousness as your true self when you are living with a physical body and in a physical life.  When you start to look at yourself in the direction that I am pointing you toward, you will revive in yourself your belief in your consciousness, and this is what will connect you to true joy.
You must believe in your consciousness, in your own self.  You must continue to believe in yourself.  You are able to look at your heart so intently that you come to believe in your consciousness.  Then from the core of your heart you are born a new into this life. This is when your life is born and it now possesses value and meaning. 

You have completely forgotten that you neglected yourself.  Then you should learn of the condition that you have left yourself in over the course of your future lives in reincarnations.  This life and your future reincarnated lives will be time for you to learn of your foolishness of neglecting your true self.

Meditation Everyday

o16963Meditation every day as constantly as you can is of the utmost importance.  No matter how much you think about the study in your head, expand your imagination.  You write as though you understand the study.  Do well in speaking about the study.  Then if you are not meditating everyday then these efforts of writing and speaking are all in vain.
There are those who will suddenly choose to meditate when their health fails, or when they come across problems in their lives or jobs, but meditation used for this purpose is useless.  It is better that you stop meditating if this is your motivePlease earnestly consistently meditation of turning your thoughts to Tomekichi Taike/AlbertPlease meditation everyday routinely like you would sleep or eating a meal.  It is advised that for one-hour each day you meditate.  The result will be different clearly among people who meditate and not do it.

For those who are filled with arrogance in their hearts feelings of being superior to others and for those who intensely pursue such as religions, sources of spiritual power they must work very seriously on daily meditation taking it as a matter of life and death.
Meditation is very important but least we forget do not meditate for an ulterior motive, just to receive a personal gain.

How to Meditate Correctly

The final step is to meditate.  The final meditation is when you are focusing on Tomekichi Taike/ Albert where you can feel and learn that world in your heart.  Those who are not continuing to meditate cannot say that they are following this study correctly.  The point is to understand the purpose of your life, the true nature of humankind.  The meaning of life, death and reincarnation comes with your studies.
When you understand the study it must be understood from within your heart.  Then you receive the joy of being able to confirm what you have learned and felt from within.

People that are proud, with feelings of superiority to others, and those who like to receive special treatment, like the finer things in life, living in luxury are those absorbed and/or obsessed in their physical life will not be able to continue in a the correct meditation.  They miss out on the true gifts received from meditation.  You should not be this type of person instead meditate, communicate with yourself who exists after death, and learn of yourself that exists after death.

The physical person Tomekichi Taike is a very plain man.  In order to assist you I have utilized Tomekichi Taike to help you realize the flow of your consciousness.  Let me thank you for this opportunity from it I can only feel such gratitude and joy to be able to assist you through Tomekichi Taike.
I am confident that the physical Taike Tomekichi will do his job along with me in good health until his physical life comes to an end.  For, me nothing changes whether I have a physical body or not.  I wish for you to feel and understand this more and more as you focus on your meditation.  When you are able to feel this energy then the true purpose of your reincarnation will be realized before your current life passes.
For those of you who are repeatedly and thoroughly reading “The Flow of Consciousness” and “The Flow of Consciousness Part II” and attending the seminars as often as possible, please practice correct meditation.  You should read the webpage “The Man, Tomekichi Taike”, also.  I am waiting to hear of your progress in your studies.

Communication with Yourself, who Exists, after Your Death

When you communicate with yourself, who exists, after your death does not just mean that you imagine who you are, where you are, after your death but you should feel the vibrations that come from that image.  That is still at a very basic, superficial level. Communication with yourself who exists after death is very important.  If you are unable to do this, then that means, that you’re level of study is still very shallow.  You do not know much of yourself after all.

Please ask yourself the part that exists after death, “are you turning your heart toward Tomekichi Taike?” “ “Do you feel the vibrations from Tomekichi Taike?” Then ask, “Are you still receiving messages from Tomekichi Taike?”
The response should be, “Yes, I am doing so, just as I was doing before when I had physical life.”  If this is not so, then it does not matter how well you are versed, or how impressive of a life you have led not even what honorable awards you receive, in the end your heart will be full of darkness, the light will not fill your heart instead you will be in darkness forever.  Then you will find that you are repeating many reincarnated lives and returning back to hell.

People who are suffering are full of darkness with no beacon of light within their souls. People who are full of darkness cannot save others but instead they are emitting and spreading a dark energy that comes from within them.  These people who are suffering are neglectful and cold to themselves.  They are not aware of their own true self and they cannot understand why they are suffering.  Instead these people will place the blame on others who around them.  They will try to change those who surround them instead of making the change for themselves.  They may even pray for salvation from various other gods.  This will only cause them to sink further into their darkness.
You must take responsibility for your own choices and actions in your life.  The reason you are suffering is because of your own mistake in choosing the wrong path.  If you have taken the wrong path, then you must discern what you must need to do next.  All you must do is to earnestly practice meditation in a correct manner and to believe in your correct path.

Your post-mortem self reflects the conditions of your current of your current self.  They are one and the same.  For those of you who cannot sense how you are after your death, this also means that you do not know how you are currently.  You should work toward becoming able to communicate with your after-death self.  I wait for you to become capable of doing this.


Are you working toward self-salvation?  By self-salvation, as the word suggests, this means that you save yourself.  It means to look closely at your heart and really feel what kind of energy you are releasing.  Then you should envelop that energy in your own gentleness and warmth.

You can only realize that you are love when you work diligently toward self-salvation. There is no way that you would be able to understand love without having done self-salvation.  There is no way that you would be able to find yourself without it.  The consciousness’s that have had physical bodies are suffering in agony because they were never able to understand that they are love nor able to find their true selves.
People often have continued to suffer in their search for artificial love.  It’s not possible to escape the need for artificial love and artificial warmth as long as you believe in your physical self as your true self.  Self-salvation is truly what these consciousness’s need to begin doing.
The thoughts that I am now sensing coming from everyone are these, “I haven’t been doing self-salvation.  I just cannot do it.”  You should refrain from these thoughts put them aside.  Instead strive to accomplish your own self-salvation.

My Life Work:

After retiring, I held seminars.
The seminars ended, I began working on publishing material.
“The Flow of Consciousness” and “The Flow of Consciousness Part 2” published.
These books, like textbooks for this study.
I held a book publishing anniversary seminar.  Since these seminars were for people who only been to seminars ten times or less, I began another seminar for those who had been more than ten times in the past.  I focused on self-confirmation, self-reliance, and dimensional movement.
I have held seminars with the UTA study group.
I have published “The Flow of Consciousness Revised Edition”,  “The Flow of Consciousness Part 2 Revised Edition.”
Two or three years later, I will publish again but not yet titled works.
Then adjust physical life and this will end my life’s work.

“Today is Founder’s Day in Japan; the yard is a world of silver, snow, snow falling, a rare occasion…. I say aloud to myself.”  When I think of Amateras, (the Japanese folk God, which resigns in people’s hearts as dark energy), and yet I feel joy.  The flow of consciousness is moving at its planned pace, just as scheduled.
Now I ask, “Members of this study, can you try to begin facing yourself more honestly?” It is of course your self-made choices, self-responsibility.  I will never pursue one who leaves, and will never refuse one who comes.  The nucleus of the study is heightening its level, and its surrounding consciousness’s are too.  However ……
Can we stop making ourselves suffer and be in pain?  Once you start to see your heart then you will realize that the cause of your pain and suffering is all inside your own heart.  Then you will realize that you have not done very much self-salvation after all.
Please do not say that you are not wrong, that your suffering is the other person’s fault. When you feel this way then go back to the very first steps of the study and start over. You should start from the beginning when you start to falter.  Then you will believe more in the warmth in your own heart.  Actively work on this following study’s guidance.
When you are not able to see yourself past your own physical death and if you are not able to see what happens after that, then you will not be able to begin to see the world of truth.  Are you planning to complete your physical life?  Believing in and being absorbed in your own physical self?  Is that the life that you had wished for yourself to have?  I continue to communicate to you. “You are an energy that exists eternally.” “You are love.”

Near-Death Experiences, Spirit Out of Body Experiences

Below let me answer your questions on near-death experiences, spirit out of body experiences.
The “spirit out of body” experience that you talk about is something at the level of believing in the physical world.  That is why the experiences that you talk about are dark energy.  This is how I respond to this question.
We are originally existences that can’t be seen.  We are consciousness.  We are energy.  There is no such thing as an experience of out of body.  In our world of consciousness, that sort of expression does not exist.
The experience that people refer to out of body refers to someone who believes in their physical body as their core self, experiencing themselves slip out of their body and then returning back to their body.  When someone experiences something like this they feel that they’ve experienced something mysterious elating themselves with the feeling of being special and extraordinary.
It is rather better not to experience this thing.  People who are slightly sensitive to feeling vibrations love to talk about near-death or experiences of being outside of their bodies.  This is actually your own dark energy trying to express itself through your physical body.  These types of people are unable to realize that they are releasing energy of a desire to express their physical selves of how extraordinary they are.

People need to reflect their heart through their experience.  When people reflect their own heart they will feel how much dark energy they are releasing or expressing their specialness when they talk about the experience.  When people don’t reflect from their own heart they don’t understand the true meaning of the studies.  Instead they focus how special they are and believe that they are of an extraordinary existence.  They pride themselves with the experience of near-death or out of body happenings.  They do not realize that the important thing it to reflect from their own heart when they speak about it.  They only magnified the mysterious experience.  This is a mistake that often happens for people whose base is of a physical matter.

The out of body experience did not occur in the world of consciousness.  We did not have physical form originally.  If you talk about it on the base of a physical level the out of body experience may have some value to talk about.  I proclaim that I am not physical matter thus I don’t have feeling of out of body experiences.  I don’t view myself as a physical body so for me there is not an out of body experience in my world.  My point as I am looking at the world is that it is wide and warm and that is truly me.


Now let me ask, “Are you communication with Amateras?” We have been waiting for realization of Amateras.  If you believe that you have been studying this then you should love Amateras even more now. Then I say, “Continue studying with great joy about Amateras.”

Premature Senility

The medical term is not important.  People who have some affliction or damage inside themselves are people whose consciousness is showing up to the surface.  They are expressing to themselves and people around them things they do not recognize.  These are symptoms of things that come because their hearts have been shutdown.  In some cases it is because they put pride of themselves before the warmth of their hearts. These people have such a strong consciousness that is in pain that the symptoms of their affliction arise to the outer-self.
These people cannot live a normal life.  They are no longer able to do things that they did before.  It is not that they are old but once they become in this manner then the people around that person and the person are no longer able to deal with their affliction. They will express their frustrations at such an affliction but those who are around them do not know what to do to provide them with help.  When they know that human is of consciousness and energy that this symptom comes from something inside of them with this knowledge they may start to realize something important about themselves.  They may start to wonder what to do or perhaps become sad and depressed.  They may blame the people who are around them becoming angry at themselves and their friends. When this happens many people start to think that they should learn something from this and start releasing gentle feelings towards themselves.  This is a consciousness that has lost the gentleness within.  Understand that we should know that we have lost warmth and gentleness through the sickness.  Then because we have lost our gentleness and warmth through our sickness we shall suffer even more.  There will be more of the same sickness and other phenomenal events to come.  We have not known about the world of consciousness and the warmth of our human heart so these things happen to tell us about it.

Your Heart

Now is the time to reflect your heart.  Start to realize that you have been spreading dark energy for a long time.  People who don’t love your darkness still may face trouble and suffer in the relationship with you also with their work or in an illness.  In order to progress and become happy then you should not keep asking for help from others. Then do you find that you are lamenting as to, “Why you are born?” “What is the purpose for you to be born?”  This is not a good do not worry about such physical matters.
Those who don’t reflect their own heart do not know themselves and they are about spreading dark energy.  They think that they are correct and they are not doing anything wrong but they are heavy load to themselves and to others around them.  Mankind does not know who we are and still they continue to exist on Earth.  Stop, saying that we are correct, we are not wrong, that we are wonderful and honest pure people.  The things that are described in the book “The Flow of Consciousness” published by UTA books will be occur soon.  You should be prepared for those events.

The World of Tomekichi Taike’s Consciousness

The world of Tomekichi Taike’s consciousness is honest and plain.  You should turn your heart toward Tomekichi Taike.  There isn’t anything else you should do.  You should do all other things moderately.  When you turn your heart toward Tomekichi Taike and feel joy, happiness and gratitude, then other physical matters will be settled naturally.  Every one of themselves is ignorant, greedy and too arrogant.  They do not know anything about love.  Do you really understand the real state of the love of God, love of affection, love of humanity and love of patriotism?  Do you know the difference from true love?  I am conveying you on the path to the true love.  That’s why you will find this teaching and desires are completely different and don’t meet together with the form of those types of love.  When you come to this study with Idolatry, seeking external help or profit in your physical life, then you won’t succeed.  No, not at all!

The Consciousness of Tomekichi Taike is love.  You should not care too much of my name or physical appearance.  This physical body is not a founder of religions or religious leaders not even of the highest leaders.  This appearance is a foolish elderly man.  Even how foolish I am in this physical body, I have never tried to control everybody who came to study or try to be making this group larger and gain profit from it to become the top for everyone.  In order to save yourself or become happy is totally up to you.
This is a self-made choice that takes self-responsibility to achieve.  If you follow the direction of this study honestly then you will understand what love is naturally.  Any person, who practices the meditation correctly, will understand this.  It can’t be understood in the mind.  Know that every person is happy from the beginning.  Then everybody lost who they were and threw true warmth away and sought after the finer things in life.  This has been happening for several thousands, several ten thousands, several hundred millions of years.  People waste away their time instead of doing self-salvation.  Finally, we could have physical body in this lifetime. 

Wake up to the truth; as much as you realize the truth, love will spread out from you and it will do the great task. Just turn your heart toward Tomekichi Taike, that’s all.  You will be rewarded eternally. Stop your own personal version of this study.  Also, stop any study you have created based on your old religions.  If you are doing so even with a long study period it is a waste of your effort. When you do not know the true love and joy then you will end up just dying.  Now try to study this from your heart.

Now I know some of you are saying that even trying to turn your heart toward Tomekichi Taike, you cannot do so.  These are people who want to turn their heart toward Tomekichi Taike but there is a stronger feeling for you not to do this.  When you start to love your feeling of “Damn Taike!” How I can turn my heart to you!” Then you become to feel joy thinking Tomekichi Taike.  When you become enjoying self-salvation, you think of Tomekichi Taike more and more.  Only then the world of Tomekichi Taike is in your heart becomes a reality and you can believe it.  As much as your belief becomes stronger and larger than the love from your heart becomes larger and stronger enough to spread to others.  The love will work the task.  At last you can believe that to think of Tomekichi Taike is love truly.  This is the true task and true life.  There is no other happiness than this.

Now are you deciding to do this study?  Yes, after you decide to do this study then you need to act.  Your heart knows the truth.  You should believe in yourself even more. Take care of your heart even more.  Surely you will become happy for studying this and you will be pleased that you did.  You are hoping you are the one who is finding the truth and smiling about it.

You have to leave your life from being absorbed in God or Buddha.  You have better to know your real state in life.  Let’s wake up to love of the truth.  Turn your heart towards space into the universe.  Let’s spread our love to space and into the universe.  That is the greatest task of mankind.  People, who want to do this task with their best ability, please say so.  Tomekichi Taike/Albert keeps waiting for those who are like that.  Don’t you want to do one and only task in mankind together; natural disaster, reincarnate in 250 years future, move into the next dimension.

What is the task we are talking about?  How to accomplish the task?  People say easily that we have decided to do this, but this is very hard work for people who came from hell and returned to hell on a continuous basis.  The final step of this teaching is meditation.  The final step of this meditation is to turn your heart toward Tomekichi Taike/Albert.  You should believe in your heart that you become one with him. That is all, how about you?  What kind of energy is spreading?  That energy is doing work of love or work of darkness, one of these.  Your physical body does not do the work. Physical body just exists with your energy.

Many of you will reincarnate defiantly during next 250 years when I will be born.  Of course you should love your past lives, also yourself of after your death and yourself in the future.  Many people are still indulgent to themselves and they should realize how cold they are to their own hearts.  It is impossible to spread thought of Tomekichi Taike/Albert and task of to spread love to the space/universe in that condition.  Follow the guidance, practice reflection and meditation on a continuous basis.  You should study to be able to believe that your true self is love and warmth. 

Take good care of yourself even the more.  Everybody is too arrogant and superior to others.  If you are so you cannot understand the truth.  You cannot understand the truth by using your brain.  Then are you waiting for your own realization of “I am you, you are me, and we are one and the same.”  In order to do that it is most important to study your heart and get closer to Tomekichi Taike as close as you can.  Close your five senses and meditate, turn your heart toward Tomekichi Taike.  If you do this then the result will soon be showing.  If you do not do this then that result will also show up for you.  Everything is self-made choice, self-responsibility.  The great plan of stepping up the dimension with space/universe is beginning in this lifetime.  Let us move forward together.

Translated by Aika Makimura
& Hideo Watanabe




ただただありがとうございました。沢山の仲間たちにお会いできて、嬉しくて楽しくて、ご一緒にお勉強ができて本当に幸せでした。感謝と喜びの三日間でした。 私が申したかったことをまとめておきます。ご参考にしてください。そして、次回のUTA会でお会いできた時には、一歩前へ進んでおられますようにお願いします。


1) お母さんにしてもらったこと
2) お母さんがしてくれなかったこと
3) お母さんにしてあげたこと





意識の転回、自己確立・独立独歩、次元移行一路 心から喜ぶことを知りなさい。





3. あなたは、田池留吉の肉と意識についてどこまで知っていますか。









愛 はじめに、愛がありました。

己一番、己が偉いということがようやく、それも20年以上学んできて、分かってきた人が、12月のセミナー後、ぼつぼつですが出てくるようになって嬉しく思っています。異口同音に、何も分かっていませんでした、一からスタートですと言っていました。 さて、あなたはどうでしょうか。己一番、己偉しと思っている人は、絶対に、田池留吉・アルバートに心を向ける、心を合わせるなんてとてもできません。我は正しい、素晴らしい、間違っていないと、怒り狂い、戦い、破壊し、苦しみ喘ぐ人生に終始、死後はもっともっと、筆舌に尽くしがたいほどの世界に。喜び、温もり、幸せの世界なんて夢のまた夢。  いわゆる神や仏や霊能者、宇宙のパワーなどに心を向けてきた人は、急いで正しい学びの手順に従って学びを進めてください。それも、第6回UTA会の日までに。自己選択自己責任ですよ、心してください。 私は、決して去る者は追いません、来る者は拒みません。しかし、私と欲は絶対の合いませんこと、肝に銘じておいてください。 肉と心のバランス  肉と心のバランスですか。肉と心のバランスなど取れるはずもありません。

しかし、私が指し示す方向に真摯に自分を見つめていったとき、意識を基盤とする心を自分の中に蘇らせること、それこそが本当の喜びに繋がっていきます。 あなたはあなたをないがしろにしていることすら、もう分からなくなってしまったんです。そんな自分に成り果ててしまったことを、これからの転生で感じていってください。自分の愚かさを知っていく今世、そして、これからの時間です。  瞑想をできるだけ毎日続けてください。頭でいくら考えても、想像をいくらたくましくしても、分かったような文章が書けても、学びの話が上手にできても空しいだけです。  体が不調になったり、生活や、仕事などに不都合なことが起こるとあわてて瞑想をする方がいますが無駄でしょう。止めた方がよろしいでしょう。

己偉い方、他力信仰やパワーにうつつを抜かしてきた方、それこそ命懸けでやらないといけませんよ。  重々承知と思いますが、正しい瞑想の手順に従ってください。ゆめゆめ欲で瞑想はしないように心掛けてください。 正しい瞑想をひたすらしていきましょう。

最後は瞑想、瞑想の最後は田池留吉・アルバートを思う、心でその世界を感じ、知っていく。  瞑想を続けていない人は、この学びをしているとは言えません。人生の目的も、人間の本質も、転生・生死の意味も何も分かってきません。分かるというのは、心で分かる、確信できるという喜びを心で知っていくことです。  己偉い人、特別が好きな人、暖衣飽食、酔生夢死、肉、肉の生活にどっぷりの人は、正しい瞑想を続けることはできないでしょう。



「意識の流れ 増補改訂版」「続意識の流れ 改訂版」は諳んじる位読んでいる、そして、セミナーにはできるだけ参加している方は、ただただ、 正しい瞑想三昧、ホームページ「その人、田池留吉」熟読玩味 あるのみ。レベルアップを待っています。

死後の自分と語るということは、死後の自分を想像したり、単にその波動を感じるだけではまだまだです。対話をしていってください。それができないということは、学びの進度が低く、自分をほとんど知らないということになります。  死後の自分に聞いてみてください。「あなたは、あなたの心を田池留吉に向けていますか。その波動を感じていますか。あなたは、今も、田池留吉のメッセージを受けていますか。」と。「はい、今も、肉を持っていた時と同じように続けています。」という交信をしていない方は、どんなに素晴らしい文言を並べようとも、どんなに立派な業績を残し、絶大なる賞賛を得ていようとも、所詮は心は闇、闇の放射塔、さらに、地獄から出て地獄に帰る転生を繰り返すことになります。



あなたは自己供養をしていますか。自己供養とは、その名の通り自分を供養することです。自分の心をしっかり見つめ、自分の出すエネルギーをしっかりと感じ、そのエネルギーを自分の中の優しさ、温もりで包んでいくことです。  自分が愛であることが、心で本当に分かってくるのは、自己供養を重ねて、重ねて、重ねていけば、ということです。自己供養なしに愛など分かるはずはありません。自分など分かるはずはありません。しかし、肉を持った意識達は、それが分からずにきたから、本当に苦しみ喘いでいます。 偽物の愛を貪欲に求め、その中で苦しみ続けているのです。自分を形あるものとしてとらえる限り、やはり偽物の愛を求める心、偽物の温もりを求める心を拭い去ることはできません。自己供養、これこそ、本当にすべての意識達がしていかなければならない作業です。



所謂セミナーは終了、出版活動を。「意識の流れ」「続 意識の流れ」を出版。学びの教科書のようなもの。 出版記念セミナーを開催。セミナー参加が10回未満の方のために、10回以上参加の方は、意識の転回、自己確立、独立独歩、次元移行に向けて、セミナーを。

「意識の流れ 増補改訂版」「続 意識の流れ 改訂版」を出版。

今日は建国記念の日、庭は銀世界、超久し振りに「雪やこんこ 霰やこんこ …」と口ずさむ。。アマテラスを思う、喜び。意識の流れは予定通り、順調。  学びの人々、もっと素直に自分自身と向かい合っていきませんか。勿論、自己選択自己責任、去る者は追わず来る者は拒まずです。核はますますアップ、その周りも。しかし、…。  苦しむのは止めにしませんか。自分の心が見えるようになってくればその原因がすべて自分の心の中にある、自己供養をほとんどしていないことに気が付くはずです。 私は間違ってなんかいない、自分が苦しんでいるのは相手が悪いからだなんて言わないでください。このような方は、何時も振り出しに戻って一からやり直していくようにしましょう。もっと自分の心の温もりを信じましょう、指針に従って実践に努めましょう。

自分の死後、そしてその後が分かってこなかったら、真実の世界は見えてきませんよ。  あなたは、肉、肉の人生で終わる積もりですか。それが、あなたが望んだ人生でしたか。「あなたは永遠に存在するエネルギー、愛ですよ。」と私は伝え続けていきます。





私は、いつもこの広い温かい世界が私、そういうところから私を見ています。私は肉として自分を見ておりません。だから、私の世界には幽体離脱というものはありません。 アマテラス  あなたの心の中のアマテラスに語りかけていますか。私達は、アマテラスの目覚めを今か今かと待っています。自分は学びを進めてきたと思っている方は、アマテラスをもっともっと供養してください。そして、アマテラスの大いなる喜びをと学びを更に進めていってください。


自分の中の何かが崩れていっている人達の意識の世界が、少し表面に出てきているのです。 本人は、そして周りの人達は、全くそれに気付かないというか分からないですけれど、何かを訴えているんです。
そういう形で、訴えているんです。 おそらく、そういう症状を発症する人達は、自分の心を縛って、縛って生きてきた人達です。多分に己偉いところがあります。己偉い意識は、皆さんすべてがそうですが、その人達も、おそらく、そのおのれが偉い意識の世界は凄いです。 その意識の世界が、苦しくて、苦しくて、苦しくてならないから、そういう形で出てきているのだと思います。 日常生活ができなくなる。今まで出来ていたことができなくなる。それはまだまだそんな年齢でもないのに、そういう状態になってしまうと、本人も周りの人達もどうしていいか、全く分かりません。 本人は、そのいら立ちを露わにしてくるし、周りの人達はどう対処していいのか、おろおろするばかりです。 しかし、そこで、たとえば、その人達が、人間は意識だ、私達はエネルギーなんだ、これは中からの促しなんだ、そういうことを知識でも知っていたとしたならば、何かそこで違う何かを感じていかれるでしょう。 おろおろしたり、どうすればいいのか途方に暮れたり、嘆き悲しんだり、本人を責めたり、また本人もいら立ちの感情を露わにする一方で、何かが自分達の中で起こっているんだ、この何かを感じていこうと、ふっと優しい、本当に優しい思いを向けることができると思います。 そうです。優しさがないんです。温もりを忘れ去った意識達が、今、その若年性認知症という病を得て、温もりを訴えているんです。優しさを向けてくれと訴えているんです。 温もりも優しさも何もかもすべて忘れ去った自分達がこんなに苦しいんだ。そういう形でその思いを表している。そのようにとらえてみてください。

人間の心の中、意識の世界を、本当に何も知らずに存在してきた、そういうことがそういう形で表れてくるのです。 あなたの心  自分の心をしっかり見なさい。自分がずっと間違ったエネルギーを垂れ流してきた間違いに気付きなさい。自己供養を真剣に真面目にやらない者は、人間関係、仕事、病気等々で苦しみ悩むことになります。自己選択自己責任、助けてください、救ってくださいでは一歩も前へ進めません。幸せになれません。


何のために生まれてきたのですか。何をするために生まれてきたのですか。肉のことは程々にしましょう。自分の心を見ていない者は、我は正しい、我は一番、我は神なりと嘯き、真っ暗なエネルギーを放射していることに全く気付くことができません。  あなたは、一体、本当は何者ですか。それさえも分からずに生きてきた、存在してきたのが地球人類です。あなたはどうでしょうか。私は正しい、間違っていない、立派、そして、清く美しく、優しい人間なって嘯くのは止めにしましょう。

UTAブック発行の「意識の流れ」で述べたことは、すべて、これから証されていきます。心の準備をしっかりしておきなさい。 田池留吉の意識の世界  田池留吉の意識の世界は、正直で素直な世界です。どうぞ、あなたも、正直に素直に田池留吉を思ってください。これ以外にあなたがしなければならない仕事は何もありません。後は、程々でいいのです。田池留吉を思うことが、喜び、嬉しい、ありがとう、幸せとなってくれば、肉のことは整ってきます。みなさん方は、あまりにも無知で、欲が深く、己が偉すぎるのです。愛なんて、全く分かっていません。神の愛、慈愛の愛、人類愛の愛、祖国愛の愛などの実態、お分かりでしょうか。本物の愛との違いを知っていますか。  私は本物の愛への道をお伝えしています。だから、欲と私は絶対に合いません。偶像崇拝、他力・現世利益などを求めてきても、空しく徒労に終わるだけです。



みんさん方は、はじめから幸せでした。ただ、本当の自分を見失い、本物の温もりを捨て去り、暖衣飽食・酔生夢死の転生を何千、何万、何億の年月、繰り返してきたのです。何の供養もせずに、いたずらに時を過ごし、今世、ようやくにして肉を持つことができたのです。  真実の愛に目覚めてください。目覚めていけばいくほど、愛はますます流れ、大いなる仕事をなしていきます。田池留吉を思えばいいのです。思うだけでいいのです。いつまでも待っています。  ただし、自己流の学びは、きっぱりと止めにしましょう。看板だけ替えた学びも、きっぱりと止めにしましょう。これでは、いつまでも学びに繋がっていても、労多くして、本当の幸せ、喜びを知らずに、空しく冷えて、いたずらに死を迎えるだけです。心して学びに繋がるように努めてください。


供養が楽しくなってくれば、ますます田池留吉を思うようになってきます。そうなれば、田池留吉の世界が実感できるように、信じられるようになってきます。その信が大きく、強くなればなるほど、あなたから愛が、信の大きさ、強さに応じて流れるようになってきます。  愛は、流れて仕事をしていきます。かくして、田池留吉を思うことが愛だと確信できるようになってきます。これこそが本当の仕事、本当の人生です。これ以上の幸せはないはずです。